Friday, February 18, 2011

Finding Happiness

The secret of life..."To be happy and to make others so."

Here are some things that make me happy...

I love watching raccoons run through my yard in the summer. There used to be a whole family that lived in the fig tree outside my window. Portland has tons of raccoons. It's fun walking at night through the neighborhoods and see them running down the sidewalk by chance.

What a sweet baby squirrel.

In Costa Rica the capuchin monkeys would pass quietly by my bedroom in the morning. They would walk cautiously and gracefully carrying their babies through the branches. And, you could hear the howlers talking in the distance during the day. Pura Vida

I love the beach, the warm sun, boogie boarding, the taste..feel..smell..and everything about ocean waves...This dog makes me happy..

Finally, what makes me happy is smiling, laughing, and sharing with all of you...


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