Monday, February 7, 2011

Rihanna Red Hair

What do you guys think of Rihanna's Red Hair? The 22 year old singer has been rockin this hair for the past year. Rihanna's stylist Ursula Stephen keeps it creative by changing the length and texture but keeping the same signature color.

Here we see Rihanna's short cut that first made her someone to watch for cutting edge hair. Then a more processed, fluffy 80's looking and flirty with a bit of lace. Hhmmm..I'm least crazy about the long straight red without bangs. It feels a little trashy,talk show guest, but she is undeniably beautiful in any style.

I like the use of color here...a little more fiery on top and browner/more violet in the lower ends..This contrast can be done with any range of colors...something to consider ladies...maybe even in dark brown black hair, washing the bottom with blue to give a slightly more intriguing tone.
With these red curls, I love the shape of her cut. You can see that curly girls can have just the right framing bangs and shorter layers. If you look where the ends pop out, you can see short piecey layers.
And, the signature Rihanna mohawk in red.

Overall, I'm enjoying her transformation. When I was 20 I had my hair hot pink. It was fun. I felt like a super hero, and it gave me life and energy. Hair helps define moments in life and is a great form of self expression. I feel like it can change personalities a little making people more outgoing, serious and businessminded, free, or the full spectrum...just depending on the time of your life. Enjoy the changing beauty of hair:)

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