Monday, September 20, 2010

Kamela and Brian 2010....Love is in the air...

I love living vicariously through every beautiful wedding...For my wedding 6 years ago I wore a simple french twist...At 24 I would have been happy with a ponytail:) I didn't realize there were so many hair options...Kamela has piles of extensions to fill out and lengthen her hair...That we put in just for the day...This is a really popular option that I've been seeing more of this season...I didn't realize she was going to leave them in for the honeymoon as they loosened up in the jungles of Belize... hahaha...too cute!!

When Kamela came in for a cut a month or so after the wedding to chop off her hair into a super cute long bob...donating 10 inches from the back to Locks of Love...she told me the first night they arrived in Belize she cut Brian's hair, with scissors from the convenient store, in the bathroom..She studies Chinese medicine...She is not a hairdresser friend of mine:)...These two are crazy and laid back...and, I love Kamela's attention to detail while being grounded and flexible...

For more images I love their photographers blog from husband and wife team (Heather and Grayson) Jagger Photography

I love her blue nails and pretty lace on her sleeves..

love you guys.
Jagger Photography

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