Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time Saving Tricks

1. For cleaner looking hair fast...just wash the bangs/fringe with shampoo.. no conditioner in the sink or shower..presto..a cleaner, finished style or pony tail...also to tame flyaways in a ponytail..dust with light hairspray and smooth with your hand or back of comb...not Aqua Net!!

2. A favorite dry shampoo when a little more oil could be absorbed...also great for volume in updo's Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder..It's an aerosol, colored spray to blend roots..also extends the life of color by masking root color and needing to shampoo less.

3. Get in the habit of steaming clothes in the shower for later in the week.

4. When blow drying try Pureology's NanoGlaze to reduce drying time...If you notice I use it on just about everyone of you at the salon...It dries hair faster, gives soft shine, smooths's pretty much a miracle. Also, when blow drying the hair...1st. ring it out in the shower a couple times..then wrap in a towel or turban to soak up water, then let air dry as long as possible..focus on the roots when drying... most of the styling happens when hair is 80% or more dry.

5. Before vacation or any time get waxed. 1/2 leg wax or arm pits save so much time on vacation...cutting shower time way down...prices are cheap at Aveda Institute..but, or 1st time waxing or to see a pro check out Urban Waxx..."the best wax you'll ever have, Seriously." It's true.

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