Monday, July 19, 2010

The History of the Barber Pole

I've always loved the barber pole. When I was little I thought it meant there was candy or something fun in the store. I would still love to have one outside of Salon Capelli or in our parking lot, even though we are not barbers. Barbers have a separate license through the state to do traditional shaving techniques.

The Pole is thought to represent the staff that patients held during bloodletting when Barbers were known as Barber-Surgeons. The patients would grip the staff so their veins would stand out (veins represented by the blue swirl). The red swirl represents the bloody rags that were hung out to dry after the procedure swirling in the wind. And, the cup on the end of the pole is the cup the blood was let into. Barbers also pulled teeth.... In 1450 Barbers and Surgeons were declared 2 different fields ...Thank God for medical advancement...

I'm so happy we only do hair. I love being a hairdresser...But, a Psychology degree would probably come in handy as well;)

for more on the Barber Pole

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