Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Curls Curls Curls Class

This has sure been a great on for classes, and a great month for my clients. Pretty much everyone is leaving with updos or great styling tips from my Aquage updo class earlier this month. Then my new obsession with curls and this wild new perm has given me a new appreciation of the curly world. Later this week I will also post pictures of shrubs I have been pruning into a spiral and balls. This is kind of how I look at curls like shrubbery.

This image is of Lindsay Garcia after she came back from the Bumble and Bumble institute in NYC and shared her information at Ziva Salon with her class on cutting curly hair. Lindsay had some great techniques of arrow head sectioning for removing and building weight, creating balance (always a big part of any cut/style/color which I'm always mentioning) and creating layers for shape, and taking out bulk through the ends. Plus helpful tips on dealing with curls day to day. I was so excited to use it on 2 of my lovely clients today...thanks Lisa and Mulysa for letting me tame and enhance your curls and waves. It was so, so fun!!

Thanks so much Ziva team for inviting me back for this class!! It was inspirational as always!

This image is me on the farm that day after Kristoffer at Ziva cut my hair as his model during Lindsay's cutting class. Thank you Kristoffer it's behaving excellent today. With curly hair you never really know until the next day, week or so:)

The book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey with Deborah Chiel is also full of helpful tips... The book is only $9.95 and every stylist and curly hair client should have it.

Inside it has...

Easy Updos and Styling tips

How to cut it

How often to cut, shampoo, condition

Pictures of tons of celebrities with different curls to get ideas

Pictures of hair from 2000 BC (yep) and over the decades ( I love this section)

1 page of celebs inside Curly Girl....I've got my copy of book to look at the salon for a while:)

This last image is from an Erhart shoot I worked on last year. This is a style the model came up with that day for her newly cut short,curly hair. I loved it!!

I just checked out their page a second ago...and, they are featuring my rocking braid as it changed into many different styles. This is one of my favorites... Thanks Erhart

Have fun with your curls girls!!

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