Friday, April 9, 2010


This season's S/S 2010 Chanel collection is inspired by farm life...And, those of you who've been in during the last few months know how much farm life/nature inspired me as well. Chanel looks back to Marie Antoinette's dream of a farm life with her country life in Le Petit Trianon. The hair is up and loose with bits falling out from days of playing farm.

I was recently floating around Chanel's site because I've heard of a show coming up on my 30th birthday that I really want to attend or do hair for...they need a fingers crosses picture:), and I came across an interview with Karl Lagerfeld a high end designer who collaborates with FENDI and Chanel compared being a designer to being an athlete in how laziness is not an option in finding inspiration,

"Appetite comes with eating . Ideas come when you work."

This is so true for me. The busier I am the more excited I am about hair, fashion, life.... There are always new styles to try and create. I love the quest for the ultimate hair experience! Hey and thank you today to my special clients S., M., L. and E. for your super fun energy. Work was a blast today!!

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