Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beau Monde College of Hair Design Open House

My favorite Portland Cosmetology School is holding an open house. This would be a great opportunity for stylists to scout potential team members or for future stylists to explore their options.

Why do I love Beau Monde?

It started when I met instructor Linda Corde-Ashley backstage at the Crystal Ballroom run through for Fade to Light fashion show. Her energy is kind and open always. Linda worked in Switzerland for years before returning to the US to raise her children near her family. With worlds of experience Linda brings one of a kind eduction.  She introduces her students into the fashion community to get real world experience networking with salons, models, designers...I have seen her teams more often than any other school. Her creative vision, flexibility, and organization has made it a pleasure working with Linda and her team. 

Besides top notch instructors and involvement in the fashion network, Beau Monde uses high end professional haircolor. I have used Wella beginning in my apprenticeship in 2007, and have continued to use it in the 3 salons I've worked in. Wella is also the number one color choice of Bumble and Bumble, a product line known for styling some of the best runway shows in NYC. This color choice of Beau Monde will put their students at an advantage throughout their careers starting them with this selection. I have clients who find me specifically online because I use Wella Color through the website salon locator. The results are long lasting, gentle, and natural tones. 

Not only does Beau Monde use Wella. They use Koleston Perfect permanent line and Color Touch Demipermanent line. These can only be purchased by professionals. Sally's and other public beauty supply stores carry Color Charm and other Wella lines which are good, but the tones and ingredients are slightly different. I am impressed that Beau Monde sets their students apart with this high quality color line.

Beau Monde won Wella Cosmetology School of the year in 2013.

Come checkout Beau Monde's biannual Open House on November 14th starting at 10am.
Student Fashion Show after Open House... I've been a judge at one of these shows..It's a lot of fun..  Students compete for the top prize. 

Educating hairstylists Since 1960. Portland's longest running Cosmetology School.
 Beau Monde College of Hair Design downtown 12th and Jefferson SW -hourly based education
Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology Lloyd Center Mall - competency based education

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