Thursday, May 23, 2013


 Hi Friends,

So...I'm getting settled in San Diego. I'm enjoying the sun, boogie boarding, and rock climbing all in my new backyard... But, I miss the people and the good times in the Pacific North West.

Before my move one of my very first Portland clients and I decided to do something we've been talking about since beauty school. A CAR HAIRCUT.  Robert was my husband at the time's boss at Fashion Buddha, an interactive/animation studio in Portland, OR. Robert joked about never having time to get a haircut. It took forever to get him in my chair at beauty school. When he finally did come in, his hair was overgrown. I was so nervous to cut it. I told my instructor this was my husbands boss, and I needed to do a good job. So, Laura the senior teacher came over and helped me do a professional "business man's" haircut. Robert said, "It's really okay. I don't care what it looks like. I just want a haircut that you think looks nice." This has been Robert's philosophy for the 8 years we've been together.

Robert would come in on Saturday mornings with his dog Nemo and get whatever haircut we thought would work well for the next 6+ weeks. I found a cut of Nick Wooster, the Men's Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus that I thought would be a something fresh. Robert's friends who I rock climb with kept joking that I gave Robert the Big Boy haircut... Whatever...It was cool..

Now I did try to convince Robert to let me give Nemo a feather 2 summers luck... Isn't this a cute picture:) speaking of cute...Today I saw so many baby squirrels running around and chirping near the beach. cute!!

Back to the story and the point of this post...Robert and I have had some good times over the years. He is a great friend with adventurous hair. During our second to last haircut Robert suggested we do this car haircut that we've been talking about..

8 years later...You have the CAR HAIRCUT...

Thank you Robert for so many great years!! I know we will see each other again!!! I'll keep you all posted on my new Salon and San Diego adventures.
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