Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Searching for art...

It's time to let go of my favorite season and move into fall...I'm feeling the itch to change my space to embrace this new time.I would love to have a new artist in the salon soon...If you or anyone you know would like to show their work in Salon Capelli please contact me kirapnski@gmail.com

We are about a week into fall,and I'm feeling the change creeping upon us with the weather getting cool and rainy..perfect for reading, tea, and cozying up for my regular girls craft night which seems to happen more often in the colder months. I'm excited for this new season!!

Portland Fashion Week Oct. 5-9 marks the start of fall for me. This is the 5th year I've participated and my second year as the Pureology hair lead for the week.

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PFW is like Christmas for me. It's busy, exhausting, and full of surprises. I get to catch up with my PFW friends and find out what's changed in the past year. I love seeing all my girls!! It's like a family reunion. Then we get a first look at the most current styles and get to watch them move on the runway. Watching clothes move is a completely different experience than seeing a still photo. At the model fitting, I watched Tiffany walk in a black, perfectly draped Anna Cohen dress, and the look completely changed as she glided through the room at the Benson. There are poems about women walking down stairs or when someone enters a room...This movement and flow is what the runway brings to fashion. Welcome fall and welcome Portland fashion.

And, finally fall to me is getting ready for the holidays Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Spending time with friends and family surrounded by warm food and drinks, talking curled up with pillows, and plenty of hugs.

In art I'd love to see any of these elements in the salon friends, family, fashion, holidays, and the warm colors especially orange, yellow, and red. It's time for fall...Salon Capelli is currently showing Gretchen Jang Her work has added such life to our walls!! Thank you Gretchen the stylists and our clients have loved your show!! If you haven't seen her work yet stop by

Salon Capelli
2668 NW Vaughn St
Portland, OR 97210

thank you,


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