Monday, April 18, 2011

Ombre...I'm Obsessed with Ombre

Ombre- (French translation) Shadow or Shaded

The new style trend of Ombre is hot on the runway and hot on the street. With Drew Barrymore and other big stars updating their locks with this fun style it's catching on like wild fire..

Katie Shillingford (Style editor for Dazed & Confused) wears the style very well for shorter bob length hair..I've seen this style mainly on long hair, but I think it looks amazing on this length as well!!

Can you see yourself in Ombre? I think I can...

I love her Cameo top button, and her black nails with the whites and creams of her clothes..I'm seeing lighter colors this season..Whites, grays, creams, neutrals.

I love her smokey eyes, attitude, and curls..Remember girls..Always have confidence and attitude..because you really are amazing!! and fun!! just smile a lot and's a proven mood lifter.. I'm smiling right now...haha..this is fun:)

I love her long bangs..and..yes..I love the new Ombre look..jump on it while you can..if you want to try a new color this is a super easy way to play with your hair!! And, it might now be this way for long.. So, do it while it's hot!!


I think this could be lovely on some stylish silver or salt & pepper haired women as well fading the ends to blue, a deep titanium, lavender, or aqua..Oh my Oh my...


Kira Pinski
It's pretty much an allover color roots to ends with a glaze somewhere between $75-$110

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