Friday, August 13, 2010

Doing Hair for Rock Stars

The B-52s have always been one of my all time favorite bands. I danced to them in the living room growing up to Love Shack, Rock Lobster, Roam, and the rest of that little yellow tape. I listened to them on so many road trips to the beach..But, really I don't remember anyone in my family getting sick of it...The B-52s music is just pure fun!!

Tonight I had the honor of doing Cindy Wilson's hair for the concert at the Portland Zoo. It was so much fun! She walked me right through her style a little teasing, 3 bobby pins, and plenty of Pureology InChargePlus hairspray. A little InCharge styling spray for heat protection, curling iron, and a few flat iron curls..and Wooohhh Baby watch out for some sexy rock star hair...

It was also cool working again with David Scott as he styled Kate Pierson's fiery red hair. I've always been in love with her beehives and her energy. She was gorgeous, and it was so cool to meet her in their dressing room with the globe lights on their mirrors, hair products and makeup spread out, wine and food provided by the zoo, lap tops, cell phones, ipods, clothes, and shoes..It was an honor to be part of their preshow ritual with these legendary women.

I just really had the best time. It's one of those magic hairdresser moments for me...which also happens so often with all of you guys at the salon that I love so so much:) This is the very best job I can imagine...much love out into the world tonight!

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