Sunday, August 8, 2010

American Salon's Runway Trends lead by the talented Guido Palau

Okay..Here goes as promised..sorry it's a little later than I told you all...hey readers..if you want me to keep this up please post a comment now and then:) It would make my day!

Some of what we are seeing on the runways...

Different Parts
Natural Textures
Clean Haircuts
Solid Hair Color not bright pieces or highlights
Structural Shapes

I like the rich bohemian woman see in the Cavalli show...Volume in the back which first became popular in 1964 before that the crowns were flat. Now it's fun to play with a little bit of back combing in the crown for style..I love how the hair in wrapped and layered effortlessly looking in scarves and fabric. Hair mingles with it and is alive and beautiful.

Cavalli f/w2010

Dramatic, Deep SIDE PARTS Alexander Wang kind of like how "emo kids" wear their hair almost like a comb over helmet. I've always been attracted to the "emo kids" kind of a skinny, sad, young, bad boy.

Alexander Wang f/w2010

Marc Jacobs had all the girls get HAIRCUTS AND SOLID COLOR so they could look great wearing a natural, messier texture. Hair looks taken care of no matter what the texture if the cut and color are fresh. A good length is right around the collar bone.

Marc Jacobs f/w2010

Prada is one of my favorite designers to follow.. She really pays attention to hair and makeup along with great fabrics and shape.

This year the hair was the opposite of last year. This is where Structural Shapes come into play...She chose the volume in the shape to be high not low, smooth not rough like wool, and different textures play in the hair. A Shiny wetter looking hairline, a thick matte woven headband (which I LOVE headbands in upstyles) and the dry, matte looking volume in the top. This shape is very polished and structured compared to last years. However, I love them both:)

Prada f/w2010

Prada f/w2009


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