Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shoot For Clothing Designer Holly Stalder

This June Jaime Ibarra, Zoe Mattheisen, Madi Roosevelt, and I created a lovely scene in Holly Stalder's backyard for her latest collection. Holly collects the most beautiful antique lace and ribbon to layer into her dresses. Since her designs are a mix of new and old materials they feel like they have a story to them that has been influenced by a past life of candle lit garden parties and lazy days sipping champagne in a drifting canoe.

I lived in Asheville, NC with my husband for 2 years. While we were there he worked at the Biltmore Estate built by George Vanderbilt in 1895. It remains the largest privately owned residence. Her dresses could have been worn by the guests of George Vanderbilt or his only daughter Cornelia when she threw a party her friends painted a huge room in their basement which can still be seen today. They had a deep indoor pool an outdoor pool, a bowling alley, gorgeous green house, a winery, stables, and plenty of places to escape and dream. This is where I imagine Holly Stalder's dresses to have come from.

My favorite part about working with Holly is she let's me pretty much do whatever I want. I can show up with a few different ideas, and she let's me play. I read Holly's comments on her designs in the Mercury Fashion show, and she said that this season she was inspired by symmetry. So, I wanted to play on that. For this shoot I found hair I loved in Bumble and Bumble's Hair Stories No. 4 It features 10 years of amazing backstage runway hair. The picture reference is at the top. And, I realized it didn't really show the front:) Holly said it was hard for her to imagine what I was doing when I wrapped to top of Zoe's hair on hair pins and added extensions to the back and top for fullness. I had it all complete in my mind, and after the shoot she said she was nervous but, she trusted me. And, that's why I love Holly Stalder:)

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  1. Super cute. The hair really played into the theme and had such a refined vintage feel to it.