Monday, August 3, 2009

Before I After flat ironing

This morning I did Teresa's hair on her visit to Portland from North Carolina. We had met a year ago when I worked on a photo shoot for her daughter Chelsea who sells her 80's inspired clothes locally and internationally under the label Erhart.

At the time of the photo shoot Teresa was living in Egypt where she had hair horror stories of 2 men blow drying her hair. One holding the brush and hair, the other burning her scalp with the blow dryer , then ironing her hair with an iron heated on metal plates, I think. In Egypt only men could be hairdressers and the windows of the salon were all kept shut to keep out the eyes of onlookers.

She has been through a lot with her hair, so today's experience of a cut/color/style was a real treat and a learning experience. After blowing out her hair we flat ironed it with the GHD flat iron/styler It locked in so much moisture into Teresa's hair for shine and polish that will last until it is washed again. The frizz of her blown out hair was tamed, and the deeper color made her skin glow.

GHD has only been in the US since 2005. It has universal voltage for here and the UK. There is a 2 year warranty through the company, and a one year warranty when special ordered through me at the salon where you can return it directly to me for a full cash refund on the spot no questions asked, even if it still works perfectly. Extra features: advanced ceramic heaters for static free shine, rounder edges for curling, sleep mode/shuts off when left unattended for 30 minutes, heats up in seconds, contains a hologram to let you know it's authentic undiverted, casing made of rhyonite(bomb proof) to limit breakage from dropping. Finally it adjusts it's temp. every 30 seconds depending on the porosity of the hair to prevent damage. I LOVE this iron.

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