Monday, July 27, 2009

Back To Stylist School :)

Today I taught a private updo/event styling class at Salon Capelli. We went over 3 types of anchors, 3 types of braids, 2 types of curl/wave with a flat iron, pinning the hair with different sized bobby pins/hair pins, crimping with a pin, building volume, sectioning an updo, a fast bun, 2 types of french twists, and more. All in a 3 hr. individual lesson complete with manikin heads and our lovely hair model. We were able to do 2 complete updos 1 manikin and 1 model and many different partial updos displaying techniques.

I've taught this class 5 times now, and this was the first private lesson. I found it much easier to watch and explain exactly how to hold the curling iron to hind the ends of a curl, little tricks to make the curl more polished and uniform with the flat iron, and it was easier anticipating and answering questions. We were able to cover a great deal of information in a short period of time.

Perfect for new stylists, seasoned stylists looking to update techniques, makeup artists or salons. Please contact me through my website for upcoming classes or to schedule a group/private lesson. I promise it's fun!!

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  1. photo by Nick Curteman