Monday, April 25, 2016

Thinning Hair / Postpartum Alopecia

I am now experiencing first hand how it feels to have thinning hair. When I was 30 I got a  tight perm so I could become experienced with curly hair, now at 35 I am learning what it's like to work with my own thinning hair. I've seen hair fall out for many clients over my 10 years as a hairdresser.and I've seen hair grow back too.

I've seen thinning due to
">post pregnancy like mine now, chemo therapy, age, medication, surgery, lupus (autoimmune disorders), diet, hair twirling, and most commonly STRESS. In all of these cases I've seen hair bounce back, even with my client in her late 70's. So, I know this is temporary for me...I hope...
Even though I know my hair should eventually stop falling out by the handful, I am still afraid. When I run my hands through my wet hair clumps wrap around my fingers and cover my body. It's horrible. My hair loss makes me feel unattractive, helpless, insecure, and sad.

A beautiful client of mine said "It's okay for a man to be Q-ball bald, but it's never okay for a woman". She has lupus and is in a phase where new growth is coming in and her hair is full, but she knows the emotional pain of thinning hair.

As a hairdresser for men and women I know men hate it too, but it's much more accepted. While men try a few shampoos and medications they will stop if they feel there are any side effects. Men generally have a back and forth relationship with trying different methods to stop their hair loss as they age. Women on the other hand... We OBSESS over it. We will try everything: medicine, vitamins, Ovation Cell Therapy, color, thickening products, extensions, wigs, accessories, styling options. I mean we try EVERYTHING!

So, here is what I'm doing to stay hot!!

1.WASH YOUR HAIR LESS. For me, the most hair loss is during washing and brushing the hair. Use dry shampoo and wash your hair once or twice a week tops. I know it looks better clean, but if you can stretch it even every other day you’ll retain more hair throughout the shedding period while your hormones are leveling out. REST ASSURED YOUR HAIR WILL GROW BACK!!

2.CHANGE YOUR PART… If you part in the middle sweep from side or back. Cover as much of the head with the longer hair.. Not a combover.. but kind of… Also a jagged part distracts from thinning compared to a straight part. 

3. BLOW DRY WITH THICKENING SPRAY at the part in the front at the roots or wherever you’d like to disguise thinning. You don’t need to blow dry all of your hair if you don’t have time. But, if you blow dry the root with THICKENING SPRAY it will look fuller. Use heat to activate the product. 

4. CURLS/WAVES  use a curling,flat iron or rollers... waves make the hair look fuller because they take up more space than when the hair lies flat or straight.

5. TEASE AND PIN..  One of my favorites ways to add volume is to tease the top so there is no part just a ponytail. Make sure you use a fine mist of hairspray at the sides to give a more polished look and hide the flyaway. Don’t spray the top only the sides near the ear.. This avoids the 80’s slick ponytail. 

6. We pencil in our eye brows right? So, Why not PENCIL/SHADE/DUST the scalp with matte makeup.  The hair appears thicker when a light scalp isn’t showing through.

7. SCARVES/HEADBANDS/ HATS…..this will help in the meantime…YOUR HAIR WILL GROW BACK. 

8. PRODUCT…Thickening shampoo/conditioner, Thickening spray, Root lift mouse, Thickening  powder, dry shampoo.

9. HAIR PIECES .. caps, bangs, extra hair … A wig shop will have them… You don’t get to be ranked #3 “100 Sexiest Stars of the Twentieth Century” by Playboy and #2 on the list of Men’s Health “Hottest Women of All Time” without knowing a few tricks…>Raquel Welch

10. NUTRITION...Make sure you're getting enough iron, vitamin c, biotin, protein, vitamin D. 

Another great post as I search for pictures... This blogger has some great tips. buzzfeed

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