Thursday, November 20, 2014

Leonard Simpson's 10 Best Awards/Fashion Show 2014

This is the second year I've had the opportunity to be a lead at Leonard Simpson's 10 best Dressed Awards. Deena Horeck Von Yokes from Studio Savvy and I worked with our teams to create Angelina Jolie inspired double french twists, sweet hair bows, gold glitter eyes, jeweled lids, deep dramatic red lips, pops of pink and orange. Thank you Leonard for dreaming big!! And, thank you to my amazing team for your talent, time, and positive energy!! I can't wait to work with you all again!! This show is fun because it brings stylists and makeup artists from salons across San Diego and freelance artists together for one night to create something magical. I always learn when I work with someone new.

Hair & Makeup Team

(the few I was about to round up for the picture...busy backstage)


  1. Ann DeNicolo
  2. Brittney Page
  3. Danielle Annarumma
  4. Erin Oclair
  5. Libbey Lazarus
  6. Rachel Gallenberger
  7. Renee Rhoads
  8. Sasha Brinncess 


Photo Credit:

Designers that caught my eye:

Alpaca Couture
Karla Lamas
Oseas Villatoro
Rocky Gathercole
Viet Chung Vo

Thank you Leonard Simpson for producing this show! Below is one of my favorite pictures of Leonard with his dear friend Sally Thornton who was one of the founders of the 10 Best Dressed show honoring philanthropists. This is Leonard's 7th year producing the 10 Best Dressed show. His love of fashion and his generosity for local charities come together in a night full of surprises. This year the theme was a moment in time. We walked through history with gladiators, a steam punk group with costumes and bikes from he late 1800's, My Fair Lady fashion, and modern couture. He had Joy Sargis borzoi show dogs, jewels, fur coats, clock cakes, and details to touch every heart. He created "A Moment in Time" with this memorable show.

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