Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birds of a Feather Fashion Show

and Charity Luncheon benefiting Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego.

Thank you Leonard Simpson (show producer of Fashion Forward) for inviting me to lead this show (hair/makeup) with my incredible team of freelance hair/makeup artists. Always a fun change from cuts/color outside of my La Jolla salon.

What do I love about fashion shows?

The tense energy, the stress that the team is under, models worrying they won't get their makeup/hair done(model: I need lashes, I need lips, I need hair...model: Can I wear my hair like No it must all be the same)(Producer: How much more time until they are done?) short..quick..snappy commands, I love the pressure.

Then it starts to fall into place the lights, the  music, the clothes, the hair all come together in the final minutes.  I love the moment when the models leaves the backstage (finishing touches are happening in a cloud of hairspray.. adjusting clothes, taming flyaways, dusting powder to reduce shine, tying head pieces, looking for tags, strings, frays)

 Then she charges onto the stage.. our model in her full power captivating every eye. She is alive. The energy feels wonderful. I love that moment. On an experienced model the clothes glide down the runway. Her walk is slow, powerful. She captures the light in the fabric. She knows how to make her clothes move. She knows just the look of playful mystery to cast into the audience. An experienced model, a beautiful woman can transform fabric. I love the show.

And, before you know it what took hours to prepare and weeks of planning is over in less than 20 min.

What was backstage like at Birds of a Feather?

This show did not have the usual downtime. We were working on a complicated look with every second that we had. We began models at 9am and were done by 11:45. My team lost count of how many models we did the look for...At least 23 women and 5 men plus a few show staff...That means we had about 10 people through an hour at least..

Our goal was a consistent look, so I led it in an assembly line.( a method I learned working at LA Fashion Week)

For hair we did classic ballerina buns

Amanda Suarez and Maryanne Terrell had the task of smoothing everyone hair, making sure there were no cowlicks or parts, killing frizz, polishing curls..prepping the hair

Connie Novello and Alex Schmoker added lots of wax/gel and brushed hair into ponytails with no bumps, parts, flyaways. very tight and clean.

Danielle Gunderson and Michael Harris finished the hair, wrapping it into a clean chignon and adding extra hairspray to keep it polished.

It was funny because I would start to take a picture and it was always the same model in everyone's chair just moving through..

This allowed for a consistent look rather than having to redo any one model because something was out of place.  Everyone worked well together and flowed through into whatever task was necessary at the moment!! Eventually the hair team all moved into makeup to help with lips, lashes, ect.. hahah there was not a moments rest. WE LOVED IT!


Michael Harris
Maryanne Terrell
Danielle Gunderson

For makeup the assembly line was intense. This look was complicated, and I'm so proud at the consistency that was achieved.

Alisha Balijounas, Emalyn D., Gercy Gaiang did the eyes, lashes, feathers. They were incredible.

Danielle Gunderson drew many of the black lashes under the  eyes.

Kaycee Spicher did many different roles...all of the shimmer for the fairies, lips, skin, a few eyes.

Summer Elliot can take credit for almost all of the complexions..Models with gorgeous skin were coming to her and asking for her expert touch..She gave everyone creamy, glowing skin.

Roxy did some hair, lips, whatever we needed her to do quickly.


Alisha Baljounas
Kaycee Spicher
Summer Elliot
Emalyn D.
Gercy Gaiang
Roxy Garvan

 Dresses by Puey Quinones

Making ballerinas, fairies, and MMA fighter Rich Power look good...hahah pretty fun morning!!You just never know what's going to happen:)

Thanks again to my amazing team and Leonard Simpson for having us!!

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  1. Great Blog... Almost made me feel like I was there again.... I also have a lot of Presser on me as the Main Photographer there, Leonard depending on me to get the Shots... Shoot on Manual, and twisting the numbers on the Camera with each shot, and not wanting to miss even one of them... Here is a Statement that will give you a gimps of what I try to do here... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a Photographer & Digital Artist, what I am offering you is not Just a Photograph, they are EMOTIONS, memories, relationships, feelings, personalities and tenderness, Frozen in Time and in time will gain value in your Heart.
    I view the art of photography as a blissful process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such I often use the tools of Modern Photography – Lighting, Filters, Digital Photo Artistry enhancement, to try to Freeze that Moment of Emotion I felt at the time I tripped the camera's shutter"