Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mountain Laurel and her unicorn breath...

Enjoy these images from one of my latest shoots with photographer Josh Mitchell of Continuum Photography We did Fun Portraits..Kind of like Senior Portraits, but for adults who want to capture that youthful spirit, gifts, Fb/match profiles, fun memories...

The transformation began with the skill of makeup artist Cheriene Galley creating a beautiful face and styling the shoot with fun clothes/accessories and pieces from Laurel's closet.

We drove almost an hour to Julian Lake area..On the way Cheriene and I braided many different size braids of hair extensions to make a quick change from beauty in the woods to fierce Indian Ke$ha princess. My favorite quote of the day was when Laurel told me, "Your hairspray smells like Unicorn breath!!!", we all laughed. I love Pureology Strengthening Control which smells like vanilla, mandarin, and rose. It has keravis protein to strengthen and rebuild the hair during heat styling, zero residue which gives the hair incredible shine, and a no product feel hold...touchable soft hair. This day had so much magic!

California...I'm ready for more on location shoots!! It's beautiful here!!

Check out the photographer Josh Mitchell's picks at

Next week I'm posting how to solve heavy, flat, dull, hair that hangs like a helmet when it should be free, flowy gorgeous hair;) stay tuned... ( I have to write this to make my self create this post...It's a question I get so often from my clients in the salon..)

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  1. Wow Kira. The profile shot reveals the intricacy of the braiding. How'd you do that magical unicorn girl?