Sunday, February 12, 2012


Salon Capelli has Pureology on sale 20% off shampoo and conditioner while supplies last as we transition into our new packaging!!!!

Zero Waste Packaging!!

* Formulas dispense easily to ensure you never waste a drop

* Bottles are made of 50% post-consumer recycle materials and are 100% recyclable

* Shampoo packaging now uses 39% less water during the manufacturing process; conditioner packaging uses 37% less water

With the new manufacturing process Pureology saves 60,000 gallons of water a year!! That's huge!!!

Haven't tried Pureology?...What makes us different?

* Highly concentrated formulas (delivering about 70 applications/bottle)

*Zero Sulfate shampoos do not have sodium laurel sulfate as the lathering agent, a harsh salt that has been used since the 50's when women moved to shampooing more often instead of lye soap. Pureology wanted to create something more gentle that helps preserve color. The Pureology lather is made of corn, coconut,and sugar, so gentle on the hair and scalp.

* The exclusive AntiFadeComplex inclues essential antioxidants to defend against colour-fading free radicals, plus full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens

*100% Vegan formulas. no animal testing, products, or byproducts

We are so excited to have the new Pureology bottles in the salon:) Come check them out!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope you fall in love with Pureology!!
I love being cheesy:)

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