Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Men's Trends

Since posting the girl trends at the salon the guys have been asking me about what's the latest tend for men's hair...Well here's a quick view before I head on my Tucson climbing trip!! Can't wait to get some sunshine!!

Nick Wooster, the Men's Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services
Very short on the sides and working with his natural sweeping motion of the hairline.. Nick Wooster is the definition of men's style.

Johnny Depp sporting a little bit of color..Ombre for men? Haven't done any of this in the salon yet, but maybe this summer...See how the ends get lighter looking like it happened in summer...nope..happened at the salon:)

Guys are keeping it short and long...I'm seeing a lot of well kept facial hair...beards, mustaches, handlebar mustaches..you guys are just having way too much fun!!!!

Biggest thing for men..go with what works with your hair..if you have curl play it up..Find 1 or 2 products that work for you and try something new..You can use a light silicone like Pureology Shine Max just to take away some of the puffiness..kind of like making your hair second day hair right out of the shower..great on your hair or on a coarse beard..Try it;)

Also, stop using bar soap on your hair..The soap is not meant for the scalp and can clog your hair follicles making it hard to hold on to your hair and causing possible thinning..Also, for thinning hair try taking biotin, healthy diet, and sleep...

okay..that's what I've got for quick update on men's hair..

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