Saturday, October 30, 2010

Portland Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

seth aaron
project runway winner

amelia torro
columbian designer appeared in Vogue 3 times in the last yr.

lizzie parker
Seattle designer

These 3 designers supplied their own models so we create a style didn't have to change.

This year my goal, as Lead Stylist for Pureology, was to have a cohesive look for each designer using the hair as a finishing touch to complete the look. It was so fun to try and accomplish these changes switching ponytails to braids, updos, buns, down ect. in a matter of minutes. We began by prepping around 20+ models from 4-7 Then we would usually sit for an hour or 2 and wait for the show to start. It helped this year to have such large teams. Each night I had a different Pureology Salon helping create the looks that were planned in advance from the designers...for the most part:)

Thank you to :
The Phix
Evolution Hair Design
Roberts of Portland
Tres Bon
Edward Wadsworth

and thank you Nancy Ferguson with PUREOLOGY for making it all possible!!

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