Sunday, May 9, 2010

InStyle Hair

So, this morning at the grocery store I saw InStyle Magazine has a special hair issue!! I had to grab it!! This afternoon I spent the day laying in the sun in a hammock on Sauvie Island reading all the juicy details....It felt like summer vacation when I was in middle school:) There is something really nice about reading a magazine and actually turning the pages outside instead of just scrolling around online.

One of my favorite photo series were the celebrities changing their hair lengths and colors over the years...

InStyle goes over how to dress up a bun, the right headbands, ribbons, and adding fake hair.. products like dry shampoo...

I encourage you to try tips like using irons, hot rollers, back combing, different parts, and just stepping outside of the box slightly:)

I will be wearing my hair up like this a lot this summer!!

This issue of InStyle will be at the salon all month until one of my lucky clients takes it home:)

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